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HVAC When to Repair And When To Replace

We asked a trained HVAC expert that compares boiler quotes near you this most asked question: When do repair or replace your home heating system.  Most systems will perform well for years before they need repairs if they have a good maintenance plan. Tune ups can extend the life of the system 50% and reduce the cost of utilities 15 to 20% making a maintenance plan a true money saver.

When they start needing repairs common and less expensive problems such as: capacitors, contactors, igniters and switches such as limit and rollout tend to happen first. A trip/diagnostic charge will be charged when you agree to the appointment and a flat rate repair fee will be accessed as well as the price of the part for repairs assuming you agree to the repairs. All our repairs both labor and parts are guaranteed for 12 months. Sometimes the diagnostic time takes longer than the repair itself and sometimes homeowners call saying something simple needs to be changed and sometimes they are correct, however, we require all our technicians to do an independent diagnosis because we are responsible once we have been called and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to pay for two repairs if the technician didn’t fix the problem. With our up front pricing you will know the total cost before the technician starts the repair.

Sometimes new homeowners may consider it expensive but we must provide a highly trained technician and a fully stocked truck, both of which are fully insured, to expedite your call and often that happens when many systems are failing around town because of the severe weather at that time and we have many customers in need of our services. We would much rather be up front about it and advise you here. Frankly, if you consider that a problem we hope you will have our competitors fix it for you as when you complain we would prefer you were complaining about them.

More expensive problems such as: compressors, heat exchangers and leaks are the signs you should consider a replacement. If the cost of the repair is 30 to 50% the cost of the new system you may want to consider a system replacement. If the compressor is failing now the heat exchanger may fail next year. Other factors such as: maintenance plans, the age of the system (8 years maybe – 10 likely) and if you’re moving soon should be considered. Also you should consider how comfortable your current system is keeping your home and how much your utility bills are. If it has had a history of problems or if it is an older R-22 system a new system would not only save possible repairs in the near future but also cut your utility bills because of higher efficiency of the new systems. Again, our repairs are guaranteed 12 months on labor and parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 to 5 years. Your current warranty may cover the cost of parts if it falls within the original parameters.

Use an air filter.
Check your air filter monthly and change it semi-annually.
Get a GOOD filter and it will save you some of your dusting and allergies.
If you haven’t been having a regular maintenance plan or changing your filters regularly have your system and ducts inspected and cleaned.
Have a good maintenance plan. It will extend the life of your system and cut the utility bills. It will also provide you peace of mind as you probably won’t need repairs in bad weather hot or cold.
Save you manuals and warranties - when you require a Wolverhampton boiler quote (as you may wish you had your old ones now) then you know where to go.
Consider a dehumidifier as it can be a cost efficient alternative to running an air conditioner in the spring and fall but don’t use it with the air conditioner as it cuts the A/C’s efficiency.
When replacing a heat pump ensure the new system is compatible with the old one.