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Bathroom Remodeling Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Bathroom Remodeling Doesn't Have To Be ExpensiveModern bathrooms have become a space to relax where you can unwind, de-stress, and wash away the cares of the day. With all that modern home offers, bathroom remodeling still remains one of the most popular renovations. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to spend thousands of dollars bathroom makeover. The good news is, however, that cheap changes can be made to totally transform your bathroom.

If you have a good plan of action, there are many ways to redecorate and modify your space into a modern, stylish, and luxurious space.

Firstly, it's important to consider why are you actually going to remodel your bathroom and have a look at real home remodeling costs to get an idea of the savings you would like to make. It may be an upgrade, a cosmetic facelift, or even out of necessity like a disability remodel. Remember, your specific needs will naturally affect the overall cost, but remember that some of the cheapest upgrades with the biggest impact is purely cosmetic.

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling

Let's take a look at the most affordable ways to tackle your remodeling project.

1. Low-Cost Visual Impact

The fastest way to add style to your bathroom is to introduce some bright colors. Some new towels, a shower curtain, rugs, new wall color, or any other personal touches you might like. Always go for softer decorating tones while permanent fixtures should always be neutral colors.

2. Fresh Paint

A fresh lick of paint can transform your bathroom almost instantly. You can get away with just painting a part of it. Opt for a quality paint with and durability that will withstand any mold growth. Remember, however, that the overall cost of your bathroom remodel can be drastically influenced by your choice of paint, so choose carefully. Painting can be a slow process. If you're not hiring a professional painter, be prepared to prep the area.

3. Bathroom Tiling

Tiling can be expensive, but instead of tiling the entire bathroom, why not limit just go for the high impact areas such as the floor. A single tiling strip layer can also be added along the wall for immediate impact. If you still want the expensive tiles accents, why not mix in some cheaper alongside your expensive ones Most people won't know the difference - plus the cheaper ones will really make the more expensive ones pop! Don't forget that grouting and caulk will also make a world of difference. You can even save the tiles by simply regrouting.

4. Bathroom Fixtures

New towel racks, faucets, and fixtures is a small price to pay for the massive visual impact that they offer. Don't hesitate to consider mint condition second-hand goods either. Local contractors will often be able to get you the best deal on materials, but don't forget to ask your subcontractor for odds–and–ends or stock they may have left over from other jobs.

5. Granite Countertops

Countertops can be very expensive, but most bathrooms only require smaller ones. If you really want granite, you can do it and still fall within budget. Granite slabs with imperfections also go for a lot cheaper and can be installed strategically so you won't notice any problems.