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When it comes to peace of mind ADT has got you covered with the power of ADT pulse you can set an automation using your HD pulse wireless cameras and automatically receive a video clip or snapshot via text or email this will notify you when someone or something important has arrived.

If your alarm goes off not only will you get a call from one of ADT six state-of-the-art monitoring stations but you will also receive a video clip from your HD pulse wireless cameras.

We all know that in this day and age home security is a really important thing but finding the right home security for our home, our lifestyle and your family can be a bit tricky. We're a lot more security conscious then what we once were and ultimately we're all looking for is piece of mind what we are wanted to protect our home, our family and our possessions.We know that security in our homes is an important thing but breaking it down for us what is it that we're actually trying to protect within our home?

First one is deterrence and that's through stickers and signage on your home that lets any would-be intruders know that you've taken the first steps into protecting your home.

The second one would be be to minimise loss, so if the intruder was to take on your system or to challenge your system, they quickly realise that they've made a mistake with the siren and being activated.

The third one would be to avoid confrontation. Burglaries can happen, while people are at home so again if the system was activated or challenge the siren would go off informing you that someone is in the home and then you can move to a safer place.

You can see the pricing tables for home security with Adt.

If you weren't at home our monitoring center would contact you to let you know that your system has been breached and step you through your different options which may include sending out a patrol car.

So, I mean each home is different it all has it own characteristics and all nuisances so how we get the right security for our individual homes? We have a trained professional come out and do a walk-through with you of your home.

They talk to you about different levels of security and work with you to fit-in with what your budget requirement are as well.

You can also arm and disarm other electrical devices in the home if you wish and most of the system's these days are now wireless as well which means that there's no pre-wiring, particularly for older homes or double storey homes.



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